This is SnowStorrm, A White Wolf, who voluntarrialy gave his freedom to save Hawke, and agreed to become her life merge when Legend her silver and black rage wolf , her former life merge was murdered, killed by the elven dark mage, called (Jaina) ShadowStar, when Jaina stabbed him through the chest with her Elven Blade. Snow was found in the woods by one called Morlass, Snow was going to turn him into dinner, but Lucky for Morlass, and Gina.. MOrlass was faster on that given day. SnowStorrm was merged to Gina by the help of her Sister Zephy, and the mage/priest Jaiiaan. They saved her with mere moments to spare. SnowStorrm, is a mind merge as well, Gina knows most everything that Storrm knows and vice versa, they share memories and much more. Storrm is 400 pounds and an adult wolf, he is 4.2 feet tall, he has Piercing blue eyes, that flash red when angry. His collar is of very soft black leather and has a small pendant embedded as if by magick into it with a blue, green and black stone. His black claws remain sheathed and retracted until angered, then the "Storrm" is released. <BGSOUND SRC="" LOOP="-1">

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