Throne Room

You look at the cloaked figure, and wonder who or what you are looking at.. and just what you have gotten yourself into by coming to the dark and dreary place. A place lack of love, life, of emotion or so it seems. The figure slowly moves its hands to the front of the cloak, unfastening it and letting it flow open. You look at the figure still unsure of who it is..

The figure slowly moves its hands to its head and pushes back the hood of the cloak, her face now revealed to you, her long black cherry hair flows to her waist, her soft blue-grey eyes appear piercing as she look straight at you, her face cold and heartless as she slips her cloak off and rests if next to a gryphon staff next to the throne.

Her dress is of the softest silver silk, form fitting at her chest and upper body then flowing freely from her waist down, flaring out in a swirl at the bottom, as the dress sourrounds her so you cant even see her feet. She runs a finger through her hair as the long flared sleeves fall dwon her arms exposing her soft skin to the eye but for a moment as she quickly moves her hand back down. She sits down on the throne, the light in the room making her delicate, tiny crown of Gold emblazoned with onyx, sapphire, and emerald stones sparkle.. She sits upon the throne as she looks at you, and watches as for some strange reason you are drawn closer.

You walk to her taking timid steps and think, this woman, one dressed in such finery, is the dreaded LadyHawke? Your eyes scan her form taking in every detail.. "M`Lady, ye are the LadyHawke....?" She nods to you her soft hair falling into her face, as she looks at you her hand resting gently on her stave handle. She answers in a clear voice "I am Queen Gina Kai".. "Tis LadyHawke on the field." You noticed her silence and thats when your gaze once more focuses on the book...

"Does the book intrigue you.... Do you want to see it..." she asks.. ~he tried to touch it earlier...~ You cant help trembling, such a figure that causes such fear and rumor in the village is so pretty... so calm... it makes you wonder. She holds the Book out to you.. "Here ye are so curious.. here read THE BOOK You take it in your hands and start to read

After a little while your hand the book back to her and she makes she is is closed properly, her only response.. "A tiny bit of my mind.." You nod to the Lady as she stands and moves down the hall she just came from, it is lit now the light flickering off of the stone walls and tapestries... You stands and move to follw her Down The Hall ..... <BGSOUND SRC="http://www.GinaLadyHawke/exile.mid" LOOP="-1">

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