Lost But Not Forgotten

You push the door open, and wonder why the door read Lost on it... The room is almost completley black, there are three golden torches in the room one centered on each wall with the exception of one. There are two large Tapestries each with the mark of The Forgotten One's, the red dragon. You step a bit more into the room, and the death like Silence over comes you slowly. You look at the torch light and even though a chilling cold wind seems to blow in the room, the Torches do not go out, as if kept alight, by faith and hope... or is it by Magick? Almost audible is the sound of tears, from the spirits of the lost, who forever let the tears fall free to but cleanse the souls of those who remain, and who fight for victory for the weak and opressed.

In the room you see a long curved like scroll posted on the one wall. It hangs in between Two Black and silver torches, that burn with a Purple flame. A large black wrought Iron Plaque is above the Scroll, and is inscribed in Gold lettering Lost but not Forgotten

The plaque seems to whisper to you as you walks closer towards the scroll, you read carefully the words written upon in in what looks like a delicate hand:

Jasse Laysia Kai: (Murdered)
Murdered by the Goddess Persephone` in #Thorn's-Woods, by her lethal Scythe, beheaded and her memory erased from everyones minds, only her sister and 2 others remember her.
Even in death her life, how it was lived remains a dark Mystery

Elric_Wolfe: (KIA)
Elric was leader of the Council of Decision and was killed presumably in battle or defending the honour of another. No one is really sure how he died but he died none the less. His death still reamins a Mystery to the Guild and Council.
A good friend, In both Battle and Life, He will be missed

Mallie: (Died in Labour) Wife of Council Member Aquila Chrysaetos
Mallie Beloved wife of Aquila Chrysaetos. Died on Current Earth Time of January 13. Giving Birth to their Daughter Lydia.
the eternal flame will continue burning as the soul fades

Gully Dwarf: (suicide)Member
Commited Suicide in #The-Fighters-Guild (January 18) over the loss of his beloved Sun who was killed over in #port_dal_tavern the day before. He will be missed by many.
A Friend to many.. whose good heart will be remembered

BlackFlame: (Died in Combat) Council Member
A Knight of Caeria and Council member, died, whilst in a fight with members of the Fyre Clan in Hawkes Castle, He defended bravely, helping protect the Queen and those involved.. He is missed more then most will know.
In the Darkness, He once walked, yet in her eyes a heart of gold he had within, The Single Candle, in a Persons dark world, He walked with Honour and Pride.

Mizrach: (Misadventure) Council Member
A good man and Friend, who tried to in his years help many with his love and kindness. Pure of heart and Soul he died helping another and lost his soul while saving another. Many will be saddened by his passing.
He died as He lived, trying to help others.
voya con dios...

Ragnarr: (Killed) Guild Mumber
Was Killed inside of the realm of Vordan and found there, laying dead, much Mystery rests on his death wa sit Murder or Suicide many still do not know.
Fire fules the deepest angers, but friendship sees you through the night

Gwynn Kai: (Murdered)
While in Vordan attacked by an assassin and murdered at the tender age of 17. She is survived by little family. Her Mother Gina, and Twin Sister Allisun. Also a fabled Brother G`laynir.
Tears of sadness, and I shall not want. Tears of joy, and I shall not smile. Forever I walk broken and missing a soul, for I now wlak alone - Allisun Kai.

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