I don't really remember much about me life before the age of 6, the only thing that remembered was coming home to a loving family after playing in the meadows. That all came to an end when i returned home to the house finding my parents and brothers killed. A man who just happened to have been in the area at the time, brought me to his home and looked after me, trying to teach me to use magic which I could never grasp due to my dislike for the practice as my parents were mages.

The man who took me under is wind happened to be the man who killed my parents out of jealousy and hatred. Because I was never able to learn, or in most cases pretended not to fail in the tasks. I was to become is servant and serve him like a slave.

One day, a 4 year old female was brought to the masters home who also lost her family. This girl who went by the name of Zara-lee was like a daughter to my master, therefore I was never allowed to talk to her unless I it was to give her a message. But we disobeyed our masters orders and became best of friends secretly.

One day, while we were playing in our secret hiding place, our master found us and punished us severly. He continued to punish me for many years of little problems which I did not mean to cause, such as dropping a plate on the floor and breaking it. Zara-lee was also punished by doing the same work as myself, but she had it easy as she was still his apprentice and looked to him as a father which he liked very much. Both our lives became miserable.

One day, an unsatisfied client killed our master in front of my eyes. I felt as if I the blind was open and could see again. Zara-lee on the other hand wasn't sure of how she felt. We finally realise that is was our chance for freedom and escaped and wondered the realms where we seperated as went our own ways.

While I wondered. I can across an Island called Vordan where I meet a woman who was willing to help me grasp my magic powers which she felt I had, but she was killed in a bad storm after a large tree branch hit her head. A few days later, I finally found Zara-lee who was now married and was pregnant with her first child, Ayla.

Zara-lee introduced me to a vordorian Knight, Sparhawke. We live as a family with his daughter Anna, and our son Michel. I have finally found peace and freedom with my family and new friends.


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