~*The Main Hall*~

~The halls are dark and forboding, and doors line both sides of the hall to the north. Further passages can be seen east and west that travel down the corridors. A look of confusion washes over your face as you wonder where you are and where to go. Doors marked Jasarians Can be seen at one extention and a door marked The Forgotten Ones is seen at another extension, and yet still the throne room is to the far north.~

After a few doorways are explored and the confusion of what kind of place this is, is still instilled within your frame, the echoing words comnig frmo the portraits comes within your ears making you long to stop and look at them, and from behind this small hidden door.. you can do so, all you have to do is Behind a Door.

Once more, you come out some time later, the words leaving you confused, yet mystified with such a rich history within the castle, and soon find there is no where else to go save for one way, the door straight ahead now, and the way you came seems to have vanished almost as if the castle is changing it self on its own, Continue on.. Through the castle and explore, for as long as you can While you still can... <BGSOUND SRC="http://www.GinaLadyHawke.com/hallown.mid" LOOP="-1">

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