Fyre Thorn

Fyre Thorn

Fyre Thorn is a mixed dragon, an inbreed, and an OUTCAST, having the abilities of a Gold, as well as the Fire of a red, other dragons shun him as such. a Mage altered his DNA, and mind as a Dragon Pup and he feared people for some time, even though He was linked by the mind to Raven StarFire.

Raven loved him and cared for him as best she could during her imprisonment, Jaiiaan brought him to see her daily, and the two formed a rapid bond of friendship. Now Known as Gina, she loves the Dragon even more, and has sworn to protect him no matter what may happen, he has vowed the same to her. He not only protects her but the land as wel, and he does it very well, even the Princess Allisun and the princess Gwynn love him.

Some say one cannot own a Gold, but when the friendship is so strong s theirs.. maybe they own each other?.. who knows.

Fyre thorn is a Massive gold dragon, with black and red splotches, his talons are razor sharp and can dig deep into the eath unheaving much ground, his steely yes seem to bore into your soul as he looks around, and his growls give warning to all who would hurt his friend.

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