Behind the Door

Creeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk the door is pushed open, the shadows seem to run and jump as if hiding in the room now, the broken shadow from the door letting in some of the torchlight from the hall you peer in, the room very nearly completely dark, what looks like a set of blinking eyes can be seen in the room.

For some reasons you are drawn inwards into the darkened room, as you enter you can see the form of a large White Wolf. As if by magick you can hear his words.. ~I am SnowStorrm.. welcome to Hawkes Castle, please follow me~ He starts walking and goes down a dark passage, you have to run to keep up almost. The passage is dark, with barely any torch light, on the walls swords, and weaponry can be seen, still he pads down the hall... ~This is home of LadyHawke...~ You feel a blast of cold in the passage now, is it because it is an evil place or some other reason.. You wonder who this LadyHawke is that so many warn of her as you follow. The wolf soon vanishes from sight with only a word of warning to you ~Wait Here...~

You look around the room and notice it is even bigger then the main hall, there are thick heavy taspetries, and larger torches placed about the walls, where you are exactally is unknown to you. You look up and on a chair that looks more like a throne sits a tiny Cat.. ~I am Angel^^, Lady Gina's Cat merge, I guard her Castle with SnowStorrm.~ You look at the Small cat and wonder how you her or the wolf, and then notice on the arm on the throne there is a book, it is a shade of purple, and very faded. You take a step towards it to look at it.. ~NO!.. you DO NOT touch that...~ you step back quickly worried the Cat might be evil. You start to ponder how you can hear these animals and then realize there is no time to wonder such matters.

Your ears pick up an echoing sound can be heard in the hall to the left, the one that has no light at all, louder and louder they get. ~STAND UP!~ the Cat yells at you, her purring feline words echo through the chamber room. The footsteps echo louder and louder as they get closer to the chamber and then the cascading echo's stop suddenly, and you can hear nothing but your own heart rapidly beating.

You look around as a dark shrouded figure enters the room, Angel^^ jumps from the throne and lands on the ground softly next to it, the blue and green stones in the collar glowing brightly as the dark figure advances. You place your hand to reach for a weapon but the dark figure raises a hand a dark moon and star on the hand starts to glow an erie shade of purple, as the hand is held out to you..

You step back quickly, your steps staggered and off balanced as you move away from the cloaked figure, your eyes blinking as the figures out stretched hand glows a shade of brilliant shade of purple.. You stutter out.. "W..who... w...wh..what.. are you..." as you keep moving backwards, eventually tripping over your own two feet and falling to the ground.

The figure holds its hand dwon the glow leaving it, and it nods to Angel^^ Good Angel^^, you may rest now.. you look at the figure unable to this time, understand the words. The figure walks past you and stands in front of the throne, the soundless footsteps cause a shiver to snake up your spin as you *blink* a few times in awe of the figures presence... And the figure looks on.....

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