Wynd Chaser

Twenty Seven Years ago, she was Borne, a Child of grace and love, and light. Borne into a World of Happiness, and yet nothingness at the same time. Light and Dark intermingled.. and inter weaved all together.. to give a good shapen balance.. until.. one side gained an advantage.. the darker side.

Her parent's were taken Prisoner, when she was five years old, and she was forced into the Dungeon's of a Spiteful warlord, a small human child.. knowing nothing of hatred, having been sheltered.. and taught nothing but goodness, for ehr short life.. she was terriffied, seperated from her parents, friends, everyone she loved. It was the Last time she would ever see home.

She moved up, on the bed and looked through the metal bars on the dungeon window, the massive fire balls, and lightning attacks, was destroying her home, a Small floating island, in the midddle of a wide purple body of water, where pink fish and orange shellfish once swam and played. Where the skyes were Green, and the grass was blue... and where the trees bore fruit of any description.. She sat and watched, as her home was destroyed, and soon a Massive *SPLASH!!* could be heard, as the magic holding the Island a float, gave, and it fell into the water, the place gone forever.

Seeing her home destroyed, she fell onto the cot like bed in the Dungeon she was secluded into, and wept, if it was for a few minutes of many days she will never be sure, for no one came to her, to love and comfort her, to hold her and tell her it would all be better soon. About four or five days later after she grew to understand on her own, that home was "no more" a guard dressed in Brilliant Crimson, with Silver adornemtns came to her cell, and knealt down, holding his hand through the bars, he looked very very nervous, and just as equally saddened for some reason. Through the bars he passed her some bread, and a cup of water through a small hole space in the bottom of the bars, she took both hungrilly, nibbling slowly, in case she would not see some for a while.

The Guard looked at her, "Small one Listen to me and be silent. You are to be his new target, He is going to turn you.. into what I know not.. you parents are gone, killed, by his execution squad. You..could be next if you do not obey." She looked up, terriffied, the now empty cup slipping from her soft slightly tanned grasp landing on the ground with a soft clatter. Her blonde locks licked at her eye brows and shoulders. Her words were slightly broken, as she knew not many words yet, "Momma and Dadee deaded?.. me targit?.." She looked at him lost not really understanding his words, but he nodded to her gravely. "Yes they are dead.. and you.. you will be next.." With that He left, the swirl fo his crimson cloak, rounding a corner was the last she saw of the man, who gave her the bread.

She sat in a corner, to scared to even cry, her dirty and grubby hands pushed through her knotted blonde hair, as days passed. Almost two weeks later 3 guards came to her cell, the jingle jangle of their keys could be heard, and up she looked very scared. The Guards were dressed in Grey and black attire, their faces hidden by War type masks, as they entered the cell, she moved, squirmed and screamed, but to no avail, they easily grabbed her, and moved dragging her up, out of the cell, and towards the Main hall, where they threw her at the feet of the WarLord.. Malachi Tome`.

She looked at him, her lower lip trembling, as he grabbed her by the neck and lifted her from her feet, with a look of disgust, he threw her across the room. His voice rang out "Give her the treatment, see what you can do with this Insolent, Useless Being, may she prove more useful then her parents!"

Guards were on her like flies on honey in an instant. Four guards grabbed her, one on each limb, and tied her down to a table, her small form looked lost, and timid being there like that. The guards moved aside, taking a position at each corner of the table, as healers walked over to her, but not the good kind, who used to help her and would give her a piece of candy and tell her it was all better, these healers brandished, glowing knives, and vials that smoked, or acrid potions and soloutions, that made the girl slam her eyes shut terriffied.

Malachi watched grinning ear to ear, an irridescent smirk splaying over his lips at the tiny girls fear, He watched them Stab, poke prod, jab, and hurt her, forcing more and more of the Evil potions into her as she screamed and squirmed, trying to get free. The vials soon emptied, her body caked in blood, and a soft glowing ooze from the vials, potions, and such that was forced into her once cute frame, as she lay there unmoving.

"Untie Her, place her on the floor! Lets see what this grande effort will produce!" Malachi echoed. The Guards complied. and the small nameless girl was tossed to the floor, and nothing happened for a good hour or longer, and Malachi moved to Stand, prepared to order Her execution, when a Loud, voracious ripping sound echoed through the room, black ranve wings, almost Angel like started ripping from her baxck, her screams filled the room, tinged with fear, as she lay there, wings now broken from her back, gel and blood caking over them from her own body.

A red glow washed over her, as her hair grew a few inches, and her bosy a few as well, and then all was silent. Malachi pointed to her "Chain her and lock her up, this girl will make an interesting plaything when she grows up, and when I get bored I will kill her like her parents." The Crimson Guard walked in, chained her, and moved her from the room, dragging her till they were out of sight, and away from Warlord Tome`'s Laughter. The guard looked at the shivering girl, her clothes ripped, and her shirt hardly covering her anymore, it being destroyed as the wings ripped free. and removed his cloak, covering her with it, as he scooped her up into his arms, and ran with her, tossing the chain to the ground, knowing, that she did indeed deserve a chance.

He took Her and ran, and she made no sounds in his grasp, soon escaping the Castle, the Warlord's defenses weak in comparison, to what he always proclaimed them to be, and almost 2 days later the Guard and the child were far away, somewhere in another realm, another land, another place. When the child woke, she looked around, and was in a nice warm cottage, she looked to the Guard. "I am Shawn," he said to her, "I will let no ill will or harm befall unto you small one, for you deserve a chance to be free and to live... who are you." The child looked to him half in shock, as no one ever asked her her name before and she responded carefully "Wy.. Wynd Chaser... Sir..".. "A pretty name Wynd.. very pretty.. I left the Employ of Malachi, to help you live.. to be free, to teach you, I know what it is like to be alone, and no one deserves this." She looked at him, and starts crying, as sdhe clutched tightly to him.. knowing someone cared for him, drove her to tears.

Wynd nodded, to Shawn, and He taught her many things, years passed, and she grew educated, and learned many a thing, earning her keep in this odd world. Things were wonderful, He taught her about swords, and bows, daggers, and pikes, and she loved him teaching her. She never felt happier, and in time she grew to call him Daddy. She came home one day, 17 years later, she came home, with a basket of bread, and fruit, a smile on her face, her dress swirling around her, her wings fluttering in the wind. Her face was a Mask of horror, she saw her father, Shawn, and a man dressed in grey and Black fighting, she entered the palce screaming her youthful face twisted in anger, as she growled, drawing her sword, and threw a chair out of her way. She screamed out " DAAAAAAAADDDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" and He turned to look at her, the Guard siezing the advantage, of Shawn's shock and slices his sword across Shawn's stomach. She almost was sent back in time from the shock, the guard saw her now, fully, and advanced on her, ignoring Shawn's choking screams, as he sliced the sword at her face. Wynd ducked fast, slicing her drawn sword, across the back of the guard he fell to the ground, yelping loudly, as Wynd's hand flew to ehr face. feeling a slice meet her cheek.

Wynd turned looking to Shawn, her eyes widened in Concern, as she ignored the guard, and ran to help him, sliding to his side, she started crying, as she held her hands over his stomach trying to stop his bleeding, a yellow glow left her hands meeting the blood, and he stopped bleeding, he looked at her in shock, not really understanding, as she moved leaving him there to rest. Wynd Stood and took her wsord and walked over to the Guard, and plunged her sword deep inside of him, killing him, letting him lay there, dead, just like he had intended to leave her father. Over to Shawn, the man she considered father, she walked, and knelt aside him, still looking at her hands, and then to him, and he spoke to her "It seems My daughter is quite the little healer... Somehow what those twisted people I once worked for did, gave you something, as they did scans on you, and no abilities did you have." She gaped, looking at her hands still "Father I will live to make you Proud. I promise never to let anyone hurt you.. come we must leave, before more bad people come to hurt us." He shook his head no, a tear cmoing to his face. "Chase, time for you to go, and make your mark in the world, to show others what you can do, you are the last of your kind, your people, they ruined your home, dont let them ruin your spirit as well. Dont hide here, like I do..."

Wynd tried to refuse him, but once more he cut her off "Daughter, go and Make Me proud, Show the world what you have become, for you are not a freak, like you always called yourself, you are a Beautiful person, and can share much with the world, pleae I will be with you forever.." She refused. "Only if you come with Me, for you are growing older, and I will not abandon the one who gave me life, and a chance to learn to be free." He agreed begrudgingly.. they left the small home they knew for so long, and went elsewhere, moving from place to place when they needed to, and now reside where ever they can. Wynd having been taught and skilled in the art of fighting since she was rescued from malachi, defends her father, and provides for him, her skills in fighting unmatched by any she has come across, but she is willing to fight,.. if one meets her price.......

Things have since changed..and the woman who was growing.. has since changed.. with Shawns murder.. and her capture.. forced to become some kind of pit fighter.. she has long since drawn on into herself. Time will only tell if she will ever become the woman she can be..

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