A good many hundred years ago, a small girl was borne, little did anyone know then that this small drow would grow up to be such a deadly adversary... She drank the blood of her parents when they were killed, by her own hand weilding a scimitar. She then took over her life, learning everything she could of necromancy, stealing souls, adding to her own powers. Her home is surrounded by a Vorpal myst of her own creation.. and her life is a such a giant shadow, that none dare enter the Abyssimial depth of her life.

A Drow Necromancer, can be a very deadly Adversary, and She is just that, her white hair is streaked with a magick Myst, once more of her own creation, when a certain spell is cast, the black streaks, turn into shadow demoans and leave her hair, a Stark unholy white shade. Nothing about her is ever as it seems, for she carries no spell book, or staff of the magic user she is, Only her scimitar which has often tasted the blood of others, as have her dark blackened lips.

Verone` lives to cause havock, and raise the dead for her unholy Zombie Army, working with another of her kind, she aims to helpm take over and conquer the world as she currently knows it. her life a travesty, her soul gone, replaced with pure evil, not much can harm of phase her anymore, the holyiest of weapons she avoids, detesting the purity they have within them, their goodness, a thing she lives to stamp out. She has no family, and any allies are allies of convience, a convience that holds until they wear out their welcome, or usefulness, and then their souls will usually become hers, in her vast chamber of wrath and Pain, into her hunger filled mist surrounding her home.

Verone` looks to be an odd sort, a calm drow, yet evil as they come, do any dare meet her, or cross her, or try to be friend her?.. Do any dare claim to know her, for fear of being attacked for her past deeds and misgivings.. Do any Want to know her, for fear of winding up on her cross of bone, and being shattered like glass?.. Like many a drowling's bones have been?.. only time will tell?.. For Her story is writting more and more by the day.. more adn more by the things she does..

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