A Lone Warrior Stands tall, be it in the Swamps, IN the wetlands, or in the plains and hills of the lands, At her side a sword, and occasionally her back, a crossbow. She dresses in red and Black Leathers, with a short white shirt under her attire, covering enough, but not the phoenix she bears on her right shoulder.

Tahiri is one of the Last of the Ancient Jasarian clan, Her and her mates, are out hunting those who betrayed the Homestone in the Land of Castilliea, and parts wherein and unknown. 4 traitors survive... 4... Raven StarFire... Jayna StarChaser, Jasain Discorde, and Rayven DayrkStar.... and Tahiri lives, breathes, and thinks PAIN, DEATH, KILL. For her this is her honour.

Tahiri lurks in places like caeria, Vordan, and Morarth, looking for those who have betrayed.. and Broken the Honour Code. Her sword hangs at her side, the Ebony shaded blade, ready to slice into the hearts and souls of others. She is friend to no one, and her motto being, The Enemy of My Enemy is My Enemy. Her alliances are only for her benefit, for her Undisciplined nature gets her into more trouble then good.

Tahiri, Once was Second in Command, with the death of Chyrie, she now leads, unabashedly, and is willing to take in any new comers who want to "play her way and her game" the game of revenge, Her way, is a Bloody way. Her life is not a joyful one, having left her parents behind at home, to do her job, her workings, unsure if they live or even die, she no longer cares for her to fail, would bring dishonour onto her family. and she will NEVER live with such a mark upon her family.

So as time gones on so does her story, so does her history.. so does her life.. who will be left standing.. in this fight she wages alone, and in silence?...

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