A once lovely young woman, Jaina Leigh ShadowStar used to have a nice normal life, well as normal as one can expect growing up in the realms.. but.. it wasn't always that way..

Her mother was being taught the ways of the wiccan by a high priestess and Her father being taught the magickal ways by the master mage of the lands, they have both instilled their knowledge into Jaina when she was just a baby, through what she now understands it was some kind of transference of power. Though even to this day she is still unsure.

Jaina has practiced magick ever since she was 5 years old. She has also worked hard to famaliarize herself in many forms of fighting, including her specialty, the staff, as well as self defense in unarmed combat. She is not one to be taken lightly. Her parents were killed by an assassin when she was about 3 years old. She never was able to learn from her parents what her gifts meant. The assassin took Jaina, not having the heart to kill her. He taught her everything he knew of his craft as she got older. He was also very strong in the magickal ways. He helped her to learn and understand how to use her gifts. By the age of 8 she had already surpassed him in talent of the ways of magick. He renamed her, renamed her ShadowStar. Only because she hid in the darkness and her wild eyes were always twinkling like a dark night with only one star out.

When she turned 18 she returned to her people. No longer a child, But a woman. She now had long, deep strawberry blond hair that cascades past her shoulders towards her waist. Her lite blue-grey eyes can almost hypnotise any who look into them and at times as if a mist is covering them. The entire right side of her face and both of my arms are tattooed all the way up to her shoulders. As a way to remember who she was and where she came from. She is evil through and through, And for each intentional death she causes upon a person in cold blood, one more tattoo will appear on her because of it.

She took to traveling, finding that home really wasn't home for her anymore.. Soon she went to Keres.. and saw great evil inside of one called Azrael. Instant dislike and has determied to spend forever if necessary, to kill him,she sensed the evil and has since tried to drive him to insanaity.

Though now.. even though she is evil.. she has hoped to find the unthinkable.. the unspeakable.. the one thing she never dared hope for. Jaina ShadowStar has hoped to find love.

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