Rythin - Lord High Executioner

For some reason, Gina has thought it wise that I reveal why I have chosen to stay in Caeria. My arrival here was, and still is, shrouded in secrecy, and shall remain that way for as long as needs be. My reasons for staying are fairly obvious..Gina helped me when I needed help, and I feel I owe it to her to help her, now that she needs help. Of course, other factors have made their impression... Although some may find this hard to believe, at heart I am honourable. My soul may be irredeemable, and I may not care that this be so, but my heart is honourable.

I respect Gina, and I count her as a friend..which is somewhat peculiar for me, as the reader would no doubt realise if they knew my past. My mind..well, up until recently, has been in a state of...instability. I am no longer in full control of my emotions, an this has also had a bearing on my choice to stay in Caeria. Emotion is a strange thing, and responsibility to others is not something I am accustomed to. Some would say I stay out of a simple sense of duty, but this is not true.... I have other, hidden reasons for staying, some of which had best not be brought to light. Suffice to say that Gina's goals, and my own, are similar at present.

The state of my soul, at times, also has given me pause, and there seem to be persons in Caria who can help me. I spent the most part of my life as a spiteful, evil wretch, and for some reason, now, that seems like such a waste. I used to dream...of greatness. Now I dream of little at all... Part of my mental and emotional instability rises from the fact that I practise the art of Summoning. Dealing with demonic beings, for all their existential uncertainty, is certainly not conducive to continued mental health. It seems that, in Caeria, I find sanctuary from the imps and devils who clamour for a piece of my soul. I find this reassuring, for it was, after all, the reason I came to Caeria to begin with...for Sanctuary....

Rythin Mormegil, Lord Executioner of Caeria

For almost a year have I been in Caeria. In that time, I have not only found the sanctuary and peace that I needed, but I, by the grace of both Gina, and her friend, Krox, have been rescued from a life of torment and damnation. I give my heartfelt thanks to whichever gods may be listening, for my life has been truly blessed.

Time it is for secrets to come to the light. I was born Malus de Camcaerneyar. From birth, my abnormal colouring set me apart in the DarkElf colony where I was raised. Only through pain and torment did I survive, and only through pain and torment did I work my way into the favour of the Witch King, Malekoth. Even then, I was still despised, hated. Soon, I found joy only when inflicting..or receiving..pain.

I cannot remember the reason for my exile. Perhaps it is not important. Suffice to say that I was given the choice between death or exile. Like a coward, I chose to flee.

My first weeks on the surface were torment. Sun and moon both, they blinded me, burnt and chilled me. I wandered, lost and confused for a time. I found myself in the foothills of a great mountain range. It was there I decided to start my new life. I found the ruins of an ancient monastery, up in the mountains. With the aid of the elves of the area, I fortified it, and turned it into a place of evil and death.

Understandably, in my new life, I made enemies. My life had not changed, only the environment. Seeking greater power, I turned to the worship of those creatures of the underworld. I soon lost my grip on sanity. In my rare moments of lucidity, I realised my plight, and, as has been said, I ran..again, like a coward. But this time, I found myself in Caeria...

My life has finally changed. I am free of my demons...both personal and literal. I have found a new life, a new guardian. I am no longer Malus Darkblade. Love has saved me. My love for Gina. I am no longer the Mormegil, the 'Black Sword'... I am Rythin Lor`egil, the Dreamer in the Moonlight.

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