~*Rayven` DarkStar Raver*~

I was born over 500 years ago in a drow village... three minutes before My Identical twin brother.. Jacen was. He and I grew together, learning how to fight and protect ourselves.. We were able to read each others minds we were so close. Jacen and I studied hard, and learned our lessons well, Not only learning to read and write but also learning weaponry and magick.

After our parents died, Jacen and I were seperated.. and went our own ways, He learning the art of being a Mercenary, Myself an Assassain... and about 200 years later We ran into each other at the Lost Cathedral some where in the realms of the world.. He and I fought all that came after us, trying to once more force us apart.. and we landed in Caeria.. becoming citizens there. Little did my brother know I was raped.. once.. and had a daughter from it..

He and I fought after We joined a guild there and he left, changing his name to Dargon.. I lived in peace with My daughter Hope in Caeria.. until it happened...

One day a few people attacked the Castle.. Elron.. Gildan.. Tralyon and Alta Nova attacked thinking the Queen of the realm was a vampire... when indeed she was not.. they destroyed the castle, Murdering My daughter in the process as Alta's wyrm collapsed part of the Castle.. Dargon found this out and abandoned Elron's guild returning to Me, and Caeria.. Once more He and I were united, and the DayrkStar name was strong in its faith. But not long after.. He decided to get revenge.. I had wanted to wait.. He went, alone, to Wythmn Tavern in Arethane.. after those who in part destroyed his family, killing the niece he never met. He.... He Never returned

A fight ensued there, and Xiphen and Elron murdered him, I tried to get help but it was to late, the echoing madness still lives in my head. Willow Wynn and Lord McCleod tried saving him, but alas they failed.. and he was butchered into tiny pieces.. I begged his remains for burial, and for a drow to beg for anything.. it is a serious issue.., but that was denied as well.. I now am Emmisary in Caeria taking up where he left off.. defending the place we called home. I had fallen in love with a Man.. Cat.. well.. a Mix of both.. I gather.. called Pardalis^.. and we were wed.. He is the son of BladeRaver.. a Drow elf.. I knew some day Me being a Drow and Him being a cat will cause problems yet I cared not, for I loved him, he cares for me very much.. loves me.. and soon We will have a family.. as He will be a wonderful father.

It wasn't terribly long though before we did have a family. My children were born but Pardalis^ had gone missing. I lived in Arden then, with my 9 children, yes Nine, thats what happens when you marry a cat. Sometimes I dream of My brother, and a Man, Kirel, was slowly taking his place in my heart, helping me to recover and repair what hurt I feel. I will never forget so many things and indeed I will get revenge, a Blade so thin, it slices and sings the words that blood alone can say.

Time as always does bring change though. Pardalis comitted suicide.. or My hand killing him.. we all see it a different.., when He saw the first born was not a girl, and the pain of me losing My brother.. I left Caeria turning in the commotion and wandered. Once more life has grown badly. Kirel was killed as well.. and rumor has it, a third Brother, the missing link of the Dayrkstar family exists somewhere. I do indeed hope so, for family is precious and after the Arden wars and it sinking the children all dying, I have so little left.. Save for the dark hart of hatred they all caused within me. Violience abound I advance within this word. Bitter and Nasty.

Still.. I carry the pledge of Caeria.. still hired for death.. Still an Emmisary even if they refuse to accept my resignation.. I must admit it has saved me.. several times... but for now.. I wander.. for blood.. for money.. for life... and whilst Pardalis.. seems to have returned for the time being.. sometimes I wonder.. does he care.. or.. has what I have done hardened him even beyond his own capabilities to love and to forgive...

"Born in the Darkness, Struggling for the light, My heart will go on.. I will win this fight." Rayven Raver`

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