The words ring out, whereever she walks, "For sale, roses for sale, 2 for a copper, get your roses, roses for sale.." The only words she ever says. The small stringy blonde haired girl, walks around from place to place, one of her keepers always following behind, the clinking of her chains and shackles echoing with each footstep she takes.

She has no Past, no Present, and most certainly no Future.. she holds the woven reed basket in her hands, with yellow white and red roses, her bare feet move over the sand, dirt, and rock, as her small grimy body hides under a short tattered grey skirt, and a white shirt that falls to her mid-riff.

penny knows not if she has parents, alive or dead, or any family, her life is not a happy one, selling flowers, trying to beg to be alloowed to live one more day, she looks no older then 14, and smiles weakly as she moves, her throaty song leaves her lips, "roses for sale, 2 for a copper.."

Whever ever she goes Men in Yellow and green tunics follow her, as if watching her or trying to sell her, whatever brings them the most money, as she keeps her head lowered timidly, and nervousily, never doing more then singing her sad sad song. For some reason wherever she goes, a scruffy looking black dog follows her, she lokos at him fondly, and when she can shares her few meager bits of food with him when she can.

Some day someone will want her, and a chance in life she will have. she hopes...

In a whirlwind of excitement, the girl went to a place in Vordan, one of the Keepers, Dread, held her leash that day, as she meekly entered the tavern, calling out her lyrical song to the patrons "rose for sale, 2 for a copper" and looked around, 2 nice people inside called to her, one giving her a silver, the other a bag of gold. penny felt overjoyed at such knowing she would indeed get to eat tonight, thinking they were all coppers, and a lot of coppers at that.

Dread saw the pouch and grabbed it, but its giver was less then pleased over it, making the pouch burn him. He got angry, and threw it into penny's face, making her cower in even more fear. People inside got aggitated, and guards soon entered, trying to arrest Dread, but he used his Magic to make Him and the girl vanish to the beach.

One man followed, and saw the abuse he was giving to penny, and used his power to attack and eventually kill Dread, then he grabbed her and made her teleport with him elsewhere, some far off place. He removed her chains there using more scary magic, and now she cowers in fear for her life, clutching the only thing she has to her chest, her roses, hoping she will live to see one more day. Maybe if she sells enough roses her captor will let her free...

The man was known as Eldreth Staryn.. and he grew very sick very fast of her ineptness, her stupidity, and her slowness, and threw her out, as well as her puppy from the temple he brought her to. Once more she roamed the grounds, walking alone, sleeping next to rocks, in the rain, in the mud, no one seemed to care.

Once more abandoned like trash.. she sought love and a home.. only as fast as she found it to lose it once more.. and the Men who once owned her took her away, erasing her memories turning her back into the zombie.. the shell of the girl she was learning to become.. Will anyone ever love her enough to help set her free?

Time, much like hope, heals all wounds, or so they say, as still to this day she goes village to village, the chains she is imbonded to wear clinking along as she moves, as the only few words she knows.. "Roses for sale, 2 for a copper" leave her lips.. always the small dog trailing along behind her..

Time though seems to have sped up.. was it only a few days ago or was it really years? Years that she can not seem to remember or recall? Freed from her imbonded state.. hateful to those who had used her and threw her away. The woman who had helped her in her passings having thrown her away, tiring of helping someone who was little more then a hinderance as she craved sensuality and.. "other" things.. and once more she was on her own. She taught herself with the help of a few in passing the bettering of reading and writing, even how to talk better, but for her nothing has come easy. It never will.

She had tried to rebuild a lighthouse in a place called DragonMoon only for its lord who bid her the permissions to do so, to later come and attack her, in brutal fashion.. showing he was nothing but a lying worthless snake, undeserving of any title.. any respect.. and so she wanders again.. homeless.. her memories a mess within her head.. as she, her horse, and her dog.. simply strive to find a place to call home.

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