The NyteShades

One the day the quartuplets were born, it was surprisingly sunny, and birds were singing in the air. Who would have thought, that on such a nice day, quite possibly some of the universes greatest evil would be born? The labor was very difficult, and unfortunately Mirria did not survive it. Cyren was left to raise the children alone, and he wasn't a very good parent. In his opinion having twin girls, was bad enough, but twin girls AND twin boys, was basically murder. He hired what he thought was an innocent looking person, Jocef, to watch them during the day so he could go and continue with his magic tutelage, never having enough of it, and that was his gravest Mistake. Jocef was an orphan himself, and was more then happy to do it; to get a chance to corrupt the minds of children whom he could sense were already evil.

He incidentally hired one of the Assistants of Sandmonious, the Dream-maker, to watch them, and day after day, he gave the children massive nightmares, silencing their cries, as if preparing them for something. Cyren and Jocef got along rather well, and after the first three years, Cyren adopted Jocef. Jocef now had free reign over the now slow talking children's, education and in essence there lives. Cyren continued on with his study of the necromantic arts, while he completely ignoring his children. Cyren had never heard the first words from his babies' mouths, never fed them, or changed them; he literally knew nothing about the children.

Jocef was more then happy to take charge, letting Cyren go along his greedy way. And as years passed the children soon grew immune to the nightmares that they were given daily, they grew bitter and cruel. It seemed like only minutes but in reality it was years, and about twenty years later, Cyren who had grown old, almost fifty, decided he now wanted a relationship with his children. But alas it was to late, being fed on food and drink made of blood, and other poisons and toxins, had severely altered the genetic make up of the children. They weren't the beautiful babies that Cyren helped bring into the world, they were, Evil. The children were evil and rotten to the core. Jocef did as he was told, bringing in the NyteShade children as Cyren asked, and when the children looked at their father, nothing but hatred emanated from them.

'Twas Zodiac who spoke first, the evil emanating from her as the words surpassed her blackened lips, "You are not our father, Jocef is." And with those words, all four children held up their hands, and with the help of Jocef, cast a spell of Necromantic death upon their father, incinerating him into ashes right before their eyes.

Jocef taught the children well, very well, telling them fight of weapons was bad, fight with magic was smart. Those lessons were taken to heart. For over a thousand years, 1000 years, the children lived with Jocef gaining more and more power, finding power within blood, within souls, within bone even. Jocef being a drow, and being very smart, taught the children NyteShade how to find power in anything they touched. But soon they grew tired of Jocef, and they stole his soul, and blood and gained his power and knowledge for their own, once more relying only on themselves.

Years came and went wars came and destroyed the land, and soon, the family was divided. All was struggling to stake a life for them elsewhere. Each child was trying to learn a trade or find its path in life. The next 3000 plus years were very harrowing, for the family, and soon no one knew where one another was. Now rumors of them all being in the realms we all know are coming about.

The children who once were so very close, now once more might be reunited and heaven help the people if the children of NyteShade are reunited. Heaven help them all.

The Family NyteShade
History: Written By Gina Kai and Jesse J. NightFire

Mother: Mirria WidowStalker [Fighter] [Deceased]
Father: Cyren NyteShade [Sorcerer] [Deceased]
Siblings: four.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Race: Unknown
Zodiac NyteShade - Female Eldest. [Mirror twin to Caidoz]
Caidoz NyteShade - Female [Mirror twin to Zodiac]
Zaidoc NyteShade - Male [Mirror twin to Codiaz]
Codiaz NyteShade - Male [Mirror twin to Zaidoc]
Children's Ages: 4317 years old.
DOB: 7st day of the 11th Season (in other words Nov. 7th)

Physical Characteristics - Outstanding:
Zodiac: Gemini brand under right eye, Arcane symbols on tops of hands: mark of thorn
Caidoz: Gemini brand under left eye, Arcane symbols on tops of hands: mark of thorn
Zaidoc: Horizontal Gemini brand under right eye, Arcane symbols on tops of hands: mark of thorn
Codiaz: Horizontal Gemini brand under left eye, Arcane symbols on tops of hands: mark of thorn

Weapon Skills: In General None: save for dagger, and Minimal staff usage, majority of their lives were spent learning Magic's, very little was spent on weaponry.
Special Abilities: [Major Magic Classification]
Zodiac: Nightmare - Shadow Mage
Caidoz: Illusionist - Mental Mage [including: dreams, nightmares, etc.]
Codiaz: Elemental mage - Conjurationist
Zaidoc: Nightmare Mage - Illusionist

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