Lyla Stryfe

Lyla walks into the area... Her deep purple hair seems to have a life of it's own, as a breeze only she feels, sweeps over her blowing it around slighlty.. Her deep amythest eyes gaze around the area.. She wears a dress over her thin, frame.. yet there seems to be something odd about her back.. she carries at her waiste.. a tiny pouch tied to thin rope belt. Lyla has a dagger hidden in her left boot.. she walks into the area and sits looking around then to no one in particular she tells her tale..

Hello.. I am Lyla.. well I am known as Lyla now.. I was born on a rainy night.. it was very cold.. the winds, ripped and tore at our tiny house.. she gave birth to me without the help of a healer.. We did not live in the village but the outskirts of our area.. My father was a thief and was always in jail.. He never even knew I was borne, and I never got to meet him. Mother told me of him, and his powers and skills.. My mother was a Artisan.. a member of the Guild in our area.. she did art and sewing.. she loved me very much..

My mother used to tell me about where she lived before she married.. I never really understood it.. she said that she lived in the Skies and in the clouds. She said she was placed on the ground for disobeying an order.. and having Me.. yet she loved me.. I never forgot her words.. I miss her so.

One day when I was about 6 or so she left for her daily duties leaving me by myself.. in our tiny home.. it was the last time I saw her, the Guild where she was working was burned to the ground.. when Raiders came to our village.. they took all the goods and money they could.. and on their way out of town saw me playing in the meadows.. I was grabbed, by force and thrown into their carts. I was terriffied with them.. and for a long time.. beaten.. and treated badly.. never knowing much at all. I never would see my mother again.

In my early teens I discovered it.. and they tried taking them from me.. but could not. ~she stands and looks away a ripping sound can be heard, as white glimmering wings rip free from her back.. she then sits folding them around her~ I could fly.. I grew in fear as they tried to take my wings from. and soon learned a few other things about myself such as some magic, and fighting abilities.. one day.. I thought of a place and I was gone.. I ran from them.. hiding.. as best I could with only my tiny pack with me..

In time I traveled a lot spending time in the land of Aranor. I made friends with a kindred names Jasain and her husband, Armand. I never felt alone or empty when I was around them for they always made me feel as if I was a part of their family. I would eventually meet someone special, Kymil, and we had two children. Happiness was to be short-lived though. Kymil being a half breed was often hunted and eventually was killed.

With great regret I tried to move on, spending time at the art shop Jasain and I owned.. until things were too late. It was burned to the ground one night while I was asleep upstairs with the children.. casting our spirits into another plane of existance.

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