Caerian ByLaws

your eyes graze the scroll, a tan parchment rolled up some and you reach down to grasp it... carefully you unroll it and read the words on it.. you see the words on it and look as it appears to be the Laws of the land, you sit and read....

Caerian Laws

in a soft delicate hand the words are penned on the parchment....

Caeria is a land of chance and hopefully opportunity. All are welcome, to make a trade if they can. None are turned away if they seek citizen ship.

Caeria is a free land, meaning slavers and those who would try to force a collar on another person, are not welcome in the lands. Goreans are more then welcome, but force collarings are not, and they are punishable by either imprisonment or death.

Any and all forms and types of trade are welcome in the land as long as they are nae harmful to other citizens or persons.

Abuse of any nature is strictly forbidden, there is punishment then there is abuse.. and it is nae tolerated. Such is to be imprisoned

Thievery is nae accepable in the lands... To be found and tried, prove guilty of Theft, it is punishable by the loss of a hand(s).

Certain aninmals such as two-tailed foxes, dragons, Gryphons, and White Wolves are protected in the realm, the hunting of them is punishable by Imprisonment and a Severe fine.

Sanctuary will be given to any and all who need or request it.

Vampires.. once were hunted now it is forbidden, and they are protected, to hunt them is punishable by imprisonment or death. Hunting of the Vampires is only with express written permission of the Courtes.

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