A flash of light, and She appears, sword at her back, and ready to use her talents to get her way, ALWAYS, when needed. a Master or is Mistress of the Art of Illusion, more approiate, she moves about in a cloud of smoke, leaving people to wonder was she ever really there to even begin with?..

Labyrinth, is a creator of the art of intruige, mystique, and Illusion, from a young age to her present one, having seen many things in her thousands of years alive, she moves gaining more and more knowledge, with her two body guards, who defend her in thought and action.

Not one to make friends easily, she lurks in the darkness, of tavern, and bar, as well as in life, not wanting to be bothered unless, it suits her purpose, and then that purpose, is for personal gain only. For that can be assured. Not really evil, just misunderstood, she lives, and breathes, and someday.. might even die, but till then who knows.... who knows...

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