A dark Haired Lass looks at you, and with a bold look of determination, her hair hiding one side of her face, covering her missing eye, the socket now patched over with a crimson eye patch, she crosses her arms, in a sign of her defiance, and she moves sitting down on the ground, holding one knee up, and crossing her other leg in front of it as she speaks to you, trelling her story, of how she came to be where she is today.

So Traveler you want to know of where I came from, and how I came to be here, Aye?.. Very well.. Though My story is not long, nor is it fancy.. My Words do not ring in many pleasantries, or thoguhts of kindness, for I am not a nice person, nor will I ever be one...

My Name is Kris`.. Short for Kristina.. I dont even know If I possess a last name, or if I ever did, for Much of My life is a Mystery to even Myself. I was born in a tiny place somewhere, in a place where Magic ruled, and if ye didna practice it ye were an outcast, and How I was born to my family.. I will never know. They say magic runs in my blood, I have no care to learn it, nor tap into it if it truly there, get that straight right off of that bat... even though at times, Lightning surges through my body.. I don't like it, dont understand it.. and I don't want to.

I, at a young age, found hurting others fun, I was a sadistic, a masochist, I liked hurting myself, almost as much as hurting others.. and that feeling grew, when I was 9, and walked into ther middle of a mage duel. My brother and sister, were fighting, I tried to stop them. and I was blasted, I now look like a half-elf.. yet I hide those ears with ease under my unruly hair see.. she moves showing you the ears, which she is at times not proud of..

I was an outcast from then on.. I used to watch the assassins in the tavern,s they enthralled me, and at my younge age, I started to emulate them, I learned rather quickly, and enjoyed doing so.. I found it fun.. and after a few years.. at the age of 13, I had killed 4 people, for pay..

When I turned 14 I decided to try my luck elsewhere, but was Kidnapped by a sailor, He took me on his boat and dragged me across the oceans and seas, and after 4 years He dumped me back on the land.. not sure where I am anymore.. or who I am.. since I have been abandoned I have studied the art of being a thief.. and have enjoyed that.. so I know not which way my life is going.. but I will.. someday....

And.. the time Passes.. Shadows covering her life...

Somehow I wound up in a land, odd as it is, and have been robbing it blind, slowly.. who would think, one stranger then I am, would show Me kindness??.. Courtesy??.. taking me into his home.. protecting me, teaching me?... I feel loved, wanted.. maybe being a thief.. isn't so good after all?.. I remember the past once more.. Being married, left for dead.. turned into something I hate and abhoure... maybe, just maybe.. I deserve to die.. but with My friend.. My protector.. It won't happen, for quite some time.. By the wings of the light.. I will protect him, more then He me..

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