Jasain De Cante

Born in Europe, Jasain was jinxed from day one. She was one of a set of triplets, her brother and sister died at birth, only she survived. Her mother, Rayn and Her father Damaeon, looked at her as a curse, and often neglected her, going out and just leaving her alone, to them their lives, their enjoyment of the Finer things, being more important then their daughter.

Jasain grew slowly, Her parents hired a tutor for her, and to teach her and watch her so they could travel more. Jasain was under fed and under loved, yet she learned her lessons as a child, she learned french, some spanish, even some Italian, as well as a few other odd languages. She was taught to read and write, by her tutor Mariah, as well as stitch and draw... However counting was something she never could grasp.. the workings of numbers eluding her, no matter how hard she tried. Her parents disgusted with her stupidity, sent Her tutor away, and once more she was deserted.

Saddened to see Mariah go. The only person who ever encouraged her, she went into a rage, and completely stopped talking. shutting down. she seemingly lost the will to live, to eat or to breathe, to anything. She drew inside herself, like a crab to its shell and grew very quiet. Her Mother never even noticed. Only her father seemed to, as he would beat her for her insolence, her refusing to speak to him. knowing she would not. and took pride in doing such. telling her everything was evil and forbidden to her. She learned to fear and be scared of everything. Life itself being to terrifying for wards, as she grew within her shell everything now fearful to her.

Jasain woke one morning she was about 11 then, and suddenly she felt different, her hands glowed with a light.. she was very frightened, and her mind was pulsating, pounding.. she then felt even more scared then before. Her father beating her massively every day, breaking her like a twig, and throwing her out like trash; she could simply take no more.

Tired of the lack of love, care, and tired of being neglected, unloved, and starving, she ran away. she took only her sketchpad, some pastels, a dress, and her flute, in her pouch she had only a few copper coins. She made her way out of Europe, and saw the French Quarter and a few other places, she experienced a few things. Learning about life, but never recovering from her fear or emotions.

She explored, each day a new adventure, as she would sell her pictures for coins. Frightened that some day her father would come after her. Scared to be forced back into the house, to be locked up. never to see the warm sun, or cool sky again. She joined a group. called the Jasarians. they took her in, despite her thin worn appearance. and her shyness. they taught her to live. to steal to survive. to fight with a staff. but she never really was welcome. they branded their mark upon her.. making her theirs. yet with the cruelty there. home was even starting to look good, tired of being made to steal to lie... the threats... the hurt... was too much for her fragile self. so once more she ran, scared she would be killed in her sleep if she remained.. The last words she heard there were. "We'll be coming. sooner or later you will repent and pay."..

Jasain wound up in the realms, and oddly landed in the realm of Caeria like a few others, she has met. She was given a change of clothes from the nice lady who she met there, and sold her some pictures, as she never takes charity. She then wandered to the realm of Vordan. Scared. homeless. and having very little she met two people in a tavern. The woman was called Tael and a Man named Armand`, they were both vampires, and the woman, Tael, soon had her under her power.. and drank from her. when she awake. Armand was very kind and offered her money. She was scared, she refused and gave her reasons. Armand` took he for a walk, loaning her his coat to keep her thin body warm, and taught her much, explaining a lot to her. She fell in love with him instantly after that. He helped her and fixed her hair, he bought her drinks when he saw her... time passed, and they saw more of each other. and soon he let her stay in his Grand home.

The thin Lass, went gladly, and soon found there were 5 wolves to look after her, two of which took right to her, she named them Revenge for the large black one and StarLite for the large white one. His Home was HUGE!, and to one of her years, and experiences, she was enthralled, never wandering, scared to mess such a grand place she slept in front of the fire, yet often wound up in a bed somewhere. she knew who put her there.... She loves him, and he gave her many things.... A sword, a dagger. anything she wanted. Armand also gave her a puppy named Pandora, and for her birthday a Beautiful black horse, which she named DreamCatcher. If this was heaven she had begun to pray to never ever awaken from its blissful kiss.

A few days later she met, a Half Angel named Lyla. and together they opened an Art shop on the waterfront. Everything seemed to be going well... She was never happier; she had friends, a job, Love. a place to stay. it looked like she was going to succeed finally. Armand` loved her dearly and did everything he could for her, yet often she'd try to refuse only to be stale-mated by his intelligence... she lived with him in love and joy. One day he offered her his gift and she accepted it. She let Armand` embrace her, taking away her Mortality, the site of the dawn, and the sunset. all for the sake of love. She never regretted it. She was learning from him. of many things. And then she met one of his friends, Kirel`, he is a vampire of the clan Ravnos. she finds him most interesting and called him friend gladly.

Armand` spoiled her in her new life, teaching her, helping her. giving her anything she wanted. Including the most important thing, a thing she had always craved and hungered for all her life. That one thing being love. Though as any know. All good things must end.... and this ended harshly. He decided to surprise his love, his childe, with a trip to Paris, back to Europe. And she was giddy with delight having not been able to remember being on a boat, those bad memories being locked far away in the depths of her mind. whilst on a boat to Par though their guard was down somewhat, enjoying the love of each other. . Slayers were found to be about, and Armand` was killed. Jasain was almost taken as well; she fought tooth and nail winding up gravely injured bleeding profusely from several wounds and burns. However, she managed to evade them, and returned to the realms. finding herself in Armageddon Tavern, a place in Morarth. She had tried to save Armand and had failed for she was not strong enough. He had died trying to save her.

Unable to speak and hardly breathe. Nowolf saw her laying on the ground a bloodied mess, and he helped her. The only word she could speak was "Kirel`". In addition, he helped to find him. When he arrived, between NoWolf and Kirel they were able to decipher Her tiny gasps and the stunned looks told all. Now once more alone, unloved, unwanted, and frightened. She went into the world trying to understand her existence. Once more hungering for the only thing she has ever wanted or needed...... Love.

She was scared and alone, and ran for her life, soon finding salvation with one named, Delvain, He took her taking what Armand had given, and gave his own, saving her from a life alone. Soon after, Marius`, the sire to Armand`, managed to save him and Bring him back and in doing so Jasain lost what she had of him forever, her wolves included. She hid in Castle Tremere for a long time. Delvain soon taking her Fiance, and later husband Eltharion, as his Childe as well. Jason tried to be a good wife to Eltharion, but alas her heart and soul were and always would be Armand's. She cried nightly remembering the night he came into the shop after Marius` saved him and how he called her a slave. Those feelings rested like a pit in her chest...

Soon, Eltharion vanished after the wedding and Delvain followed only to be killed by Marius`. Jasain finding this out ran in terror, and hid in Montalvo Hall, with her husband missing, and Sire dead; she was living in fear. Kirel took her in, remembering how Jasain had helped get the hall fire warded and helped to heal his childe, Ashkara, but as it was happiness wasn't meant to be for her, she left one night, and returned to find Kirel` gone. She returned a few moons later, the hall acided to the ground, and his heart left for her in a Jar, with a note attached to it. She once more went to NoWolf and found a necromancer to save him, as best they could,

Soon after this, he was resurrected in a body of an older vampire, a new clan, new memories, and some of his old. He moved in with Jasain and Her friend Nalixor, a friend from her long forgotten past, Jacel as he was now known, has watched her daily. Slowly growing worse and worse, her only thoughts being of Kirel`, whom she did indeed love like a brother, and Jacel did know this from her actions in the past. All the time spent there, helping caring, worrying. He looked at her one night and said, "How can I prove I care for you?" He never got the chance. For soon he was gone, missing as well. Once more she was alone.

She left the Hall, and moved into the art shop, alone and vulnerable and unprotected, crying daily. She had stopped feeding all together and was being force fed blood by Kymil and Lyla. All she wanted was death for she was scared to be near people, any people. Everyone she came close to was killed and she was scared to see the passing of Kymil or Lyla. She slowly lost her zest for life all together. Lyla, her friend had run into Armand in Port Dal and he gave her a ring. When Lyla saw it she was ready to draw her Holy Avenger to try and behead Armand`. The ring was an engagement ring and she was told to give it to Jasain. A symbol of what would never be. Lyla did and Jasain collapsed into a Vampiric style comma. She didn't respond to anything and had to be placed into her coffin. She laid there coffin for weeks afterwards, wearing the ring on a chain, until she came out again trying to put it past her...

She was alone in her shop one night, painting, when the image of Armand apeared. She drew her katana ready to fight, ready for anything, her hand caressing the ruby hilt. The only thing left he had given her and she would fight with it. What he didn't know was that if he had tried to touch her to harm her she'd kill herself, being unable to harm him. She near died from shock hearing him say that he still cared. A few nights later he appeared again. This time for real. He wanted her back. She soared with love. Her eyes brimming tears. Once more he has come back to her and now her life goes on, hopefully with Armand` forever. As once more he works bringing her out of her shell, but as long as she has him, she is happy.

They got married sometime after, despite fears and such. Jasain got to go to a grande ball at which Armand introduced her as his wife. She couldnt contain herself at all and soon afterwards they have gone to Europe. A place called Greece, where much joy was held, despite some problems with thieves. Sights were seen and things tasted, life tasted. When they returned, Vordan was destroyed. So they moved to Aranor, to live in peace, letting Vordan be rebuilt. He had even reclaimed her as his own.. onec more inside she felt complete.

She felt many dreams within her and signing a deal with the devil himself they were able to have a child.. a little girl Armand named Christine. She grows more by the day.. a mixture of both of their looks.. his goregous blonde hair and her fiercly deep acid green eyes. Happiness is something she knows so well. He no longer treats her as some little fledgling.. its almost as if he sees her growing into a full vampire i her own right. Trusting her judgement and even including her in decisions on things as well. Even reecntly going as far to enlist her aid in searching for a missing person. Finally she feels as if she has come into her own. With love in her heart.. and the years upon years of training, the young artist.. has finally come into her own.

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