Ja`mee is a 7 year old little boy with brown hair and green eyes. He looks like a rough neck yet his eyes say other wise.. he wears cotton knickers and a grey shirt, and he scuffles his feet as he walks. In his left ear hanging low is a raven cross earring, which hides behind his hair. He carries a slingshot in his back pocket, and a small knife in his boot.

The boy looks around and draws a wooden sword he holds at his side calling out gleefully. "I am Ja`mee PIRATE of all the seas in the world!!! yo ho ho!!! ARRRRGH!" He giggles a bit then moves sitting under a tree, touching his raven cross earring and ends his snow storm. a Little boy with wings runs up looking at him, and asks him "where your momma at?" Ja`mee looks at him and thinks before answering.

My momma is dead, she got killed by a bad lady, so did my father, only have an auntie now, but she live far away, like it here better, and the nice man here said I can stay here long as I behave. The winged boys eyes widen and he nods "Why your momma and daddy killded?" Ja`mee once more tihnks before nodding, blowing his light hair from his face, trying to look tough. "Mommy and daddy were fighters, fighting for the army where they useded to live, and a bad lady found them in the night, on their boat and killed them, I was sleeping in the bays and was missed, and somehow wound up here." The winged boy now nods, as if urging Ja`mee to continue.

I like it here , I can make it snow, do lots of things, like run, and shoot this slingershot.. dont know how I make it snow, Just can, maybe I`ll under stand it some day, prolly wont though. He grins a bit and smiles to the winged boy "COME ON LETS PLAY!" He tags the winged boy and runs off giggling in a flurry of snow. Dissappearing somewhere off into Vordan.

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