Princess Gwynn Kai

The dark Haired girl sits in a chair, in the guild hall a cloak with the emblazoned emblem of a dragon holding two crossed silver swords, rests on the back of her chair, and she moves over towards the bar, leaving her chair, as she gets a glass of water, and almost as suddenly she starts talking to herself.

I was born on a cold night, what made is so cold then??.. Why was the sky so dark?.. and where is the one I was told was Uncle Torin? Mothers Elven sword brother and blood brother, as well as Fighting friend?.. The one who Blessed Me.. What made Aunt Willow and Uncle Azrael come there that night. Why did uncle Azrael give me a cute lynx?.. Oh yeah, I needed a thing called a Merge, mother keeps saying how important the merge is to me. Ssying it was needed to keep the evil away. Sometimes I wonder what evil, Mother calls It Persephone` and Pandorea`, But I dont understand them.. yet.. But I will.

She moves with her drink and walks up the stairs, her sword slapping against her side softly, a bit shorter the the average long sword, but just as comfortable for her, as she takes a seat on the stairs, loking down into the fire's glowing embers. Mother came from a place called Castillea, I want to go there, but she says it is desolate, abandoned, and dismal, and not save for any living being, what could of happened to make it so?.. I also want to go to Uncle Dreamy eye's temple, but mother says it does not exist anymore, Who or what destroyed it?? and where is he now??

Mother says Her older Brother G`laynir will see me some day, Boy is Alli, My older sister, she mutters by only 13 minutes lucky, she got to meet him over in the Saloon a few nights ago. I wish I had been there.. I am so unlucky, mother say i like to fight to much, and play with the few spells I was lucky enough to learn, then to learn My Princessely lessons. but fighting is so much more fun. I met a vampire once! named Kirel`, Had fun with him stirring up trouble in Aunt Zephy's tavern. over in Vordan, but he dead now, Bad people killed him. How can you really kill a vampire, aren't they like already dead??

I love little Illusion, my Lynx, it is a kinda cat, Uncle Azrael gave him to me as a merge, but he isnt my real uncle, mother says call him that out of love and respect, since she cares for him very much, he even saved her life a few times. Momma has lot of friends, and a Lot of enemies. She also tells me a Lot of things, things she is scared to tell my sister. I know what the p[hoenix on her arm stands for, and how all of ehr family was whiped out as well, I know what Persephone really is as well as well as how to avoid the terror called Warren..

in a softer voice she says I wish I was loved like Allisun though... no one ever loves Me... No one holds me, or says I am special..I wish for once I was feeling loved and special, but I am ugly, not as Pretty like My twin, kinda funny, how we can be twins but her the pretty one and I the ugly one even when we are identical. I wish I knew what It felt like to be held in the arms of another, to be loved, and wanted, to be brought flowers, and taken places, to watch the sun set in the arms of another.. I am such a romantic person inside. I gave up wearig dresses, want people to love me for who I am, not for who I am not. Maybe someday a nice man will want me, like Tarrant wanted Allisun, then I will feel happy inside. I am most like my mother as I share her sadness and her pain, even though I have never met warren as Mother and Alli have, I know sadness that they can enver know, as I have always been alone.

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