Guild Meeting Room

SssssscccccccccccccrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeK You place your hands on the cast iron handle shoving the door open and enter quietly, your steps make a soft, thud on the stone floor as you enter. The room is a large one with a large Brown oak table to the left. The stone walls seem to disappear behind the the large tower like cases filled with books and scrolls. There are plenty of chairs in the room, and a small bar off to the side to keep the guild membrs refreshed. There are 6 pedestals each holding a different coloured Candle: Red for blood, White for truth, Silver for loyalty, Green for rebirth, Gold for honour, and a black one far away from the other pedestals, standing for Death.

You walk deeper into the room, the large table has many chairs around it, you see above the large High Backed leather chair the words Council of Decision The words ring in your mind making you wonder what that might be. Around the room you also notice silver silver torches, each spaced carefully spaced around the room. At the council table they is an array of papers and scrolls on the table, along with a few glasses of water, mostly are empty. There are a few cloaks covering some of chairs, and two of them are pushed a bit out. In the middle of the table there are three large books, one looks like a treasury book, with figures and such written in it. The second book is open but face down on the table.. you pick it up and look inside you see names and what look to be accusations or criminal offenses. Next to it are scrolls.. of parchement.. you look at them and think about looking at them The Laws of Caeria ... The Map of Caeria after a bit of reading.. Your eyes then dart to the largest book..

The Large black leather bound book rests closed in the middle of the table. Its golden tassel hangs from where it was closed at, you run your fingers over it before you pick it up.. The book is heavy in your hands, as you take a deep breath, you quickly make sure the book of offenses is placed back down face first then carefully open the book in your hands, .... inside you see... The Forgotten One's ... Do you sit and read the book... or do you go back out The Main Hall OR...

Go to view the Lost Ones...those who were forgotten in battle.. those pages of the book seem to almost glow..

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