~*The Forgotten One's Scroll of Legions*~

Gina LadyHawke / Founder, Champion
Ragnarr -deceased-
Morlass / Secretary
BlackFlame -deceased-

This page is dedicated to The Fighters Guild: Members, Council of Decision, and all those who serve it loyally and faithfully.

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~*~ The Fighters Guild Scroll of Law and Honor ~*~

The Guild is not a way to hack and slash people to bits. It is not about all jumping or ganging up on one person. A fair fight is a fair fight, and should be seen as a challenge of honor. People are not turned away due to being dark or having a nasty past. People can change, and in this guild it is to be sought for Honor, and loyalty to thy fellow brother and sister in arms.

~*~ HOWEVER, Loyalty to ones Land/Realm/Kingdom or family is expected first. The Guild should come second. It is the choice of the Member which s/he places first. Though it is honorable to defend thy land and home for thy friends. If there is a need for arms one will be called, however a fight is always trying to be avoided.

~*~ This guild is about helping thy fellow fighter, to train, to learn, to build up a great many senses. Honor, truth, loyalty, family, candor, all this and more are striven for in the guild. Fighting Prowess is learned through the sparring of many different weapons, either pole, sword, thrown, shot, even your unarmed a fighter can be taught to be deadly.

~*~ I Have worked hard to place good values into this Guild bring it to greatness as it can be. The members are not of the best social caste, or the like. A Guild is not a popularity contest. It is not "Let's see whose guild is bigger" or who can give higher ops in a channel. It is about family.

~*~ Honor is striven for I can't emphasize this enough. Never back-stab a fellow member, I know at times there will be wars between two lands or realms. The guild will be torn when a brother or sister must fight on different sides, But the Guild will not choose sides. It will remain neutral, an emotional anchor for those who need it. The guild wont be used as a way to get revenge on another. It is a second home, a family and all those who wear their patch of the red dragon, are family.

~*~ The Guild is Nick-Named [TFO] The Forgotten Ones. The people in this guild don't have to be perfect, or of the richest and best backgrounds, many are people/animals even creatures who have been exiled, banished, outcast, there are Liars, Thieves, Murderers, cutthroats, all kinds of interesting people, who have reformed, want a second chance. NONE are turned away. If one desires a chance to be, to become, to belong, they are welcomed with open arms. Please think of these words as I have written them. as they are the truth.

~*~ Gina LadyHawke Kai ~*~
Fighters Guild Leader and Champion
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