Fyre Rose

A female, looks onwards over the Moorish land, the mist rising, the Sky darkening, her words billow fourth, at first in a forgotten tongue, but then in a one more recognizable, as she seems to be talking to herself as she writes on her parchment, dark auburn loks fall just over her shoulders, and a silver rose like adornment can be seen entwined on her arm and wrist slightly... the mark of her clan and who, and what she is. for she is not just a beautiful woman, she is as deadly as a drow, or a black widow, and has the age to back her convictions, for she is a Vampire, formerly a Member of Clan Toreadour and what transpires is her tale..

It stared on an eve just like this, in The Dark recesses some where in a poor part of Italy, where the beggers and degenerates roamed, where the rich people tossed out they's trash. My mother lived only to serve My father, and My father only lived to see how many people he could destroy.. My mother, told Me it rained hard the night I was born, and the make shift lean my father built, was badly caving under the excess force of the never ending, never ceasing rain. Said it seemed to go on for days and days, or was it just minutes, for when My smile first touched the breath of the world, he said the skies seemed to clear up and the Sun came out to play and dance once more. I grew slowly, My parents giving me all their attentions, and soon grew scared for Me, for My mother tried to have another child, and after 7 failed attempts she stopped, blessed to even have Me I was told. I was a timid child, scared to do anything, but living in a palce like Italy, I sure learned what kind of food was good in a hurry.

When I learned to talk My father decided to see if I had any magic talents, and indeed like He and Mother I had inherited the trait. Unfortunatly I never inherited My mothers Born with Wings.. a Noraml plain Jane every day person like the rest of the world, I vowed then at the somber age of 6 to some day be special, in at least someone's eyes. To Be cared for somehow made Me feel more and more of a loner, never having any privacy, or peace for myself, I ran away. I was only 10 years old, with a small pouch of a few coins, not even a change of clothes, I just left. About a week or so later I was somewhere I dont even know if I was in Italy anymore, but I was somewhere.. and I found a Man, called Jaresh. He was a nice man, a sweet man, and he saw My abilities and took Me in, gave Me food and shelter, for the first time real roof over my head, and real food, not left overs in my belly. He nutured Me, and taught Me.. and soon time Passed, my magick grew, so early it was in the begining, I even grew to call him father. I grew to love him.. to care for him... to even want to die for him. His looks entranced Me to stay, even when I felt the need to move on to find myself.. 8 long years I was with him.. and they passed like seconds on the dial of time called life..

One morning I awoke, and He asked Me to be his... I knew not what He meant, I thought he asked Me to marry him so I said yes.. and then to close my eyes, and I did so, the next instant was a flash. His fangs extended and into my neck they went, biting Me ever so deeply, drinking me, till I had near none left to give.. draining Me of all that I was, and then the sound of his arm being cut open, his wrist to my mouth, his blood to My tongue and I was his forever.. He made me his.. by tricking Me.. and ever since I have lived the existence I have.. I have lost track of the hundreds of years I have lived, how long it has been since I have broken from Jaresh.. even the memories of how he taught Me to be a vampire, are horried hence I try to forget them, for they do frighten so, and terrify even I, who have lived many hundreds and hundreds of years. All the skills, of pain, music, art, and even some fight, I would give all back, to be a small ten year old girl again, lost in Italy, with My parents, in they small lean to. I never saw them after that.. Never did I know if they had more children, if they searched.. if I was ever missed...

Even as I wonder though I have moved on.. the power of age coursing through me somehow I wandered along finding a place called Aranor.. and got caught up with someone named Marlathis... he was nice to me.. encouraging my twisted visions.. even soon taking me as his.. erasing the past.. giving new future.. but things weren't meant to be.. as we wound up trapped on Armands Island.. with several very unhappy vampiers likely to find us. We did as best we could.. but sadly, like everyone, he to soon was perished.. and I was left.. and being left and being trapped by those with more power was not an enjoyable thought at all. Literally threatened with death.. I was claimed yb the Necromancer Nightshade.. and for the most part kept away from others.. he is not sure, I think, that I can be trusted. It has been some years.. I hope to earn that trust one day.. I truly do.

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