Jaina DarkShade

My life is really a mystery to me, as I was not born, but created. Torn from the Goodside of an Evil Sorceress, I now live, breath and fight, and have since My existence has been set for Me, Memories not my own, but implanted into my consciousness. Things I think and know, never learned are just there.

I was ripped free, from a Woman called ShadowStar, some people say she is a nasty cold hearted cretin, I care not to be like her. I am nice and kind, I love animals, and warm winds. I also love to fight, fight for what is right. I hold My sword at My side, whenever possible, and that is almost always. I used to live in a place called Vordan and with a man named Conner but.. as much as he was kind unto me.. when a new idol replaced himself in his heart.. erasing my love there he turned bitter and cruel towards me.

Conor McCleod and I were in love at one point.. but when he found out I was carrying his child.. he decided to lock me up.. to try to keep me in a state of enslavement. It worked for months.. and when one of his servants he had enslaved as well was careless with the locks on the cell I ran for my life. His mind had become consumed with a darkness and he attacked me as I ran.. the damage wasn't enough to kill me but did sadly take the life of my unborne child.

I fled Vordan.. Conor had too many friends there. I bounced along frmo place to place just trying to find a place to hide myself away.. to recover both inside and out.. I wonder if I ever will though. Sometimes I get so confused, things I know as right and wrong, are never right and wrong, they are backwards and misseen and misshaped, I wish I wasnt lost so much.. I like to sit and think, i like to find magic items, but I always go back to fighting... its the one constant in my life.

Trust cna be a costly thing.. I must decide if trust is something I can ever do again.. but then.. I'm not even a person.. for I have no soul.. I am just a creation of someones spell gone horribly wrong and now I exist in little more then a half life.. but yet.. I exist.

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