Gweetings.. I a Angel^^, an adolescent cheeta cub, gived to Ge`na from a lady called Nemesis` and a man called Azrael.. they live in a place called the Azrael Home on the Island of Malvagitā, The nice lady told me of a friend who needed help... I like helping... Gina is a nice lady who used to live in a place called Winnowing Hall , but when I help her while she was there, Ge`na was becoming something called Evil...

I dont uner`stand evil very well.. I still a baby kity... but I growing.. Silver eyes man, Az`ael, took out Nasty da`gon merge from Ge`na.. he wented inside her head and fought with him, draggied him out and placing evil thing in a am`let... a neck`lace thingy.. silver eyes nice man.. he got a wolf and a gri... gry... a large grf`in thing.. said Ge`na die wifout my help.. mag`ine a little baby cub like angel being so portant.. but angel is.

Gina needed a merge thing, to help her live, with bad inside gone needed good replace it.. I glad help nice hawk lady.. Ge`na give me pre`y colalr with stoney's in it, so she can call me.. she even let me play out side and stuff.. she nice lady.. whi`e wolf.. storrm nice wolf.. he pro`tect lil angel, he Ge`na ov`er merge, angel like whi`e wolf..

Angel favourite thing to do is travel.. love go to place in Vor`an in tavern place, got be careful do.. MIsser Ceir`l piratey man, lergic to Angel, he get sick if me get close, so me void him.. people says Angel des.. des.. des`ructive.. but me just like play.. me run all over litehousey place,, run on walls, and ceiling.. Night, Sen`thon man nice to angel.. he give her place sleepy when she tired and no get home. He Ge`na friendy person.. Ge`na dont got many friends...

people mean and kill her kids, me no like them, me wanna claw thair eyes out, me super kity..

me have lot friends.. they treat angel nice.. me favourite are 2 people .. me like angel man.. he dress in all dark.. what Gina say is black?.. he got pre`y eyes.. Ge`na call him.. wut she say?.. lor Deamy eyes?.. he got pre`y eyes.. so me agee with Ge`na... angel man play with me.. he pet me.. angel man nice...

angel used to like da`gon man, but he hurted angel kity, went stomp stomp on her in temple, HE BAD DA`GON MAN!!! .. me like vor`an litehousey man, he let angel play!!!.. me run up his walls, and make them into itty bitty pieces... it fun..

6 months later

I am happy now, I can move faster and talk better, still hate Da`Gon man though, but love Azrael silver eyes, he nice and sweet to this lil kitty. Angel never seen Deamy eye man no more.. miss him lots and lots, but now gotta watch over Gina lady children and mergies for them, they lil babies need help.. Gina lady love man named Back`Flame.. me think he bad for her, not treat her ncie or right.. He never ever round always going off places without her, she sit and cwy.. Angel no liek him, like Da`gon man better n him.

Gina need nice man, Angel gonna find her one, somehow.. want nice lady who treat me so nice be happy.. Deamy eyes would be nice be he no round no more, Gina see him like brother anyways.. Why no nice people rounded no mores?.. how come??.. is nice people all hiding?.. Angel gonna go find nice person with snowy storrm.. Yeah that what I do!!

And more time Passes.. the cat growing, larger and stronger..

in a more mature voice...Gina has someone now.. a pretty handsome fellow this Pirate is.. He likes her, the children.. and rumourr has it soon He will be crowned, King? I wonder what a King is, havent ever seen one befores. It might be real interesting. Gina smiles more now, she sings, she don't have hurt no more.. I think this man good for her,.. but he ever hruts her.. I'll be clawing his bloody eyes out! I am the Royally cat now ~*grin*~.. My job to protect the Queen.

He abbandoned her some time later though,. the sea called him, hope hmi dumb ship boat thing drown ni deep water, he no 'zerving of nice queen lady! I saided so so there. sides she like to hunt vampires to much!!

~and some time later~ I've gotten big, and gotten cranky and I do not like the dragon man. he smells like scum and looks like it to. He only wants to hurt people and as such he deserves a pile of Kitty Claws into his two faced, well um.. face! I personally hope to be the one able to deliver such unto him!




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