.... Allisun ....

The girl stands outside a tavern, her back against the wall, and her head towards the ground. Dark curls caress a simple dark brown cloak worn about her shoulders over leather clothes so dark a shade of crimson that they almost appear black. Firm leather boots adorn her feet; her pants tucked into the boots. A Gleaming sword can oft times be seen at her side as she moves, the cloak moving with each step she takes. Her silver eyes light the way in the darkness, as a billowing night fog spills over the ground, hiding parts of her body as she looks forwards. She looks up to the sky, placing a foot on a rock, or is it a log? With such fog you can't really tell. What else is under her cloak if anything? She moves with grace keeping that much concealed, as well as her present, as well as her future. She hears you coming up behind her, and spins fast, no weapons are seen in her hands as she moves, but she crosses her hands over her chest as you speak.

"Who are you?" you ask

Who am I? I replied. Or what am I?

"Who are you?" you once more ask.

She points to a rock that you can't even see in the darkness of shadows and the fog slowly raping the area of visibility. As she moves her position once more setting a foot to whatever it was she was leaning on before. Sit. Be silent. Listen.

You do as the girl has bade you, and listen, resting you hands in your lap.

I am Allisun. That is all you will ever know of me that you may discern as truth or otherwise. My past is written and future as uncertain as the fog that now surrounds us. I was born almost eighteen years ago in a place I shall not name for it is none of thyne concern as to where my former roots once lay. I have a mother, my father is a mystery, and all that I know of him as that he wanted my sister, and me dead. He tried murdering my mother while she carried us, and then once more during labour. By the fact I stand here before you now, shows that he failed. I no longer care of where I come from, or where I am going, all that I care is I am going, Period.

You nod listening to her, dampness coming from the dead of night skies, as faint raindrops strike the ground. You pull the hood of your cape up, to keep the wetness from your face, but this Allisun does not, almost as if welcoming the cold and wetness of nature. She looked at the ground as a Falcon flies over her head, skreeing out its greeting before she continues.

I hate life. Love is an alien ideal to me. I know little of what I am, other then an Orphan with a mother. Love was never given to me as a child, showered instead upon my twin sister. I do not recall my mother's name, nor do I care to try. She like many things are dead to Me.

"But don't you want to have a life with friends Allisun the wanderer?"you ask her.

I have no friends, nor do I want them. They are a hindrance on life, and on me. My mother used to tell me of my uncle, somewhere out there he lives, or one would hope. My mother cared for her brother more then for her children, and all the pain she now receives she deserves. I have met him once, and once was enough. He is a cold-hearted liar and a pox on his life for those lies. He leads something called the 'Avarions' I was told, I someday hope to see the utter and complete destruction of that group for he is not honorable enough to lead them.

Allisun stops for a moment, gripping her hands into fists obviously angry at your questions yet lets you continue your, interrogation of sorts. Whether she lies or tells the truth it is impossible to discern as she keeps a poker players face at all times.

"What of this sister of yours?" you inquire cautiously.

Sister? she looks at you confused a moment, then her face changes as she answers. Oh Yes, my sister. She was my mirror image, everything we did, we did together. Even our training we did together. The one bit of happiness I had and with her passing, I devoted myself to my training. And before you can ask that annoying, "How did she die?" I will tell you. She was tricked by an undead and turned, a man .. murdered her in a place called Vordan. I will do nothing of it now. The time is not right yet. There will however, be a reckoning.

She moves from where she was leaning, and paces around the rock, almost as if looking for someone. Silvery depths pierce the darkness as she moves spinning around no the damp ground, the rain soaking into her body. The damp cloak clings to her as she moves leaning on something new now, crossing her hands over the knee of her leg.

"Does your mother know where you are? Doesn't she worry?" You pester.

Allisun growls softly, tired of the inquisition and moves from where she was leaning. Where I go and what I do is my own business. My mother is dead to me, let her go whine and worry about her worthless older brother. Let her worry of the other children, and the lands she sees fit to rule over. She never noticed I was gone before, and never will. I am nothing to her or anyone else. I suggest you leave, Now, before you anger me further.

She moves from you, heading towards the tavern, a man walking out, she moves following him. She holds her hands at her side, as she follows him off, into the night. Leaving you standing there in the darkness, pondering her short and bitter words.

~Some time has passed and many a year later you as if by chance, while traveling in the realm known as Aranor run into the same woman again, though she has changed.. drastically. She looks a bit paler then before and her features all the more prominient, a more sensual appearane to her, and whilst you might not directly recall her, she does with you and heads in your direction, even going as far as you ask if you recalled her.

~You think for a moment before speaking~ I think.. I recall meeting you once before.. the one with the sister and the cranky mother yes? ~Hoping all the more she doesn't decide to turn you into well dust or something equally displeasant.

~She nodded as she spoke~ I Have changed now traveler. Due to a folly of trying to be a "Good" Person I wound up attac ked by one of the undead, and via a strange turn of events I wound up as his bride. Perhaps now.. should be a good time for you to run, and run quickly before the darkness of Aranor consumes you and someone.. possibly me.. decides to make you into a midnight snack!

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