~*Hawkes Castle*~

The grounds look black and dead.. is it real or just an Illusion to fool the eyes.. The feeling of death fills your heart as the smell of charred ash and Stone fills your nose and lungs.. yet still you seem entranced to walk forward. Your ears fill with the sounds of crunching bone.. or is it merely sticks and dirt ye walk over You look around once more.. the moon has seemingly disappeared intobefore the Drawbridge..

You look back once more and then walk into the Castle, your footsteps the raven black clouds of night with but one or two tiny stars remaining.. You walks to the main gate..

A guard looks out at ye from the gate the gates and fence are a barrier around the castle stretching the entire way around "Enter.. ye have been expected.." you walk past him and up towards the Large dark forboding Castle. Hawkes Castle it is called.. But to your eyes it nae looks like a castle but more like a place or torture and torment..

As you make your way to the edge of the Castle.. you can see the Drawbridge is lowered.. you stop and look at the towering Castle.. and the rumors you heard in the village ring through your mind. If ye go to the Castle be careful Hawke is unpredictable.." You wonder what they mean by Unpredictable.. You look back behind you the tall gates of the Castle seeing to beg ye to stop yet ye continue.. the grounds darker and darker as you advance until you stand echo on the DrawBridge as you enter and fade into the darkness of the Castle...

Enter the Castle

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